Tues Jan 8: The History of Hip at the Turf Club


Hey Twin Citians!

Want to learn more about the history of vintage clothing? What it’s like to run a vintage clothing store? As part of the Minnesota History Society’s History of Hip series, I will team up with Hayley Bush, owner of Lula Vintage in Saint Paul to talk about how and why wearing vintage clothing became a trend, the ins and outs of running a vintage clothing store, and the future of vintage. Come join us, get a beer, and let’s talk about vintage!

We will be at the Turf Club on Tuesday, January 8th at 7:30pm in the Clown Lounge. Tickets are $5 (free if you’re an MHS member!) and can be purchased at this link or by calling the Minnesota Historical Society at (651) 259-3015.

Happy New Year!



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5 responses to “Tues Jan 8: The History of Hip at the Turf Club

  1. I wish I lived in your area! I would definitely attend.

  2. Kimber

    Hello, Do you plan on giving your Social Life of Secondhand Clothes presentation again? I would have loved to have attended but didn’t hear about it until long after it was gone.

    • Sorry you missed it! I’m giving a talk at Augsburg College on Monday Feb. 27 at 12:30 pm if you can make it then.

      • Kimber

        Hello, I just now saw your reply to my question about your Social Life of Secondhand Clothes presentation. I’m sorry I missed it. I thought I might get an automatic reply through the blogger program when you responded but it looks like I didn’t. I’m from Iowa so I couldn’t make it to your Feb. 27 presentation. If you should give it again, please feel free to contact me at tkhook@msn.com
        Thank you! Kimber

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