Fashion Bytes — The Original Upcycling

Is vintage a new trend? And what does it mean? Brenna from Worn Through poses many interesting questions in The Original Upcycling. I’ll share my thoughts on a number of them in my next few posts:


With the rise of fast fashion, is vintage a way to be a conscientious dresser since the clothing is not new, not made in sweat shops, and better made so it will last longer? Or is it overestimated? Is vintage a way to preserve workmanship, as “The Invisible Woman” called it? Do you think vintage inspires people, or do you think it goes unnoticed? Are more people wearing vintage, or is it simply getting more press? If more people are wearing vintage, what do you think are the reasons behind it? What are the benefits of wearing vintage? Do second-hand clothes still have a “stigma” of poverty or protest? Do any of you use vintage pieces to teach your students about fashion history, or are their certain construction techniques that are better illustrated by vintage clothing? Is the wearing of vintage actually a bad thing, because the wear of everyday use prevents preservation? Should vintage be given more credit for its preservation, and the good it does for the environment?

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